Monday, February 4, 2008

Russians !!!

Russians !!!, originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

About a month ago, a Moscow woman emailed me asking to print 2 of my photos poster-sized for her home.

I agreed to send the high-res files, in exchange for a pic of the blowups with some sort of Russian publication in frame to show off my new Eastern block fanbase (yeah, i know, anyone can buy a Russian book online - don't poop on my beachtowel, okay?!?).

Here's Sasha, with her copy of Matt, Punching and her husband Joe with a blowup of Roxanne and Matt. I'll be sure to send Matt his Ego Cookie.

Oh, and take a look at this shot in large. This is the biggest print I've seen of a Canon 8.2mp file, and it looks freaking awesome (about 24" x 36" ? ). I can't wait to start printing my own poster-sized prints.

Thanks so much, Sasha and Joe; you made my day!

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