Wednesday, December 26, 2007

not home for the holidays

amused, originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

I am, however, catsitting. The purring and petting are fun, but the occassional sneeze-fit seizure attack and red eyes from forgetting to wash my hands are a type of fun I can do without.

Sophie and her calico buddy Mittsy are chill, quiet, and fairly non-destructive. A far cry from the Gremlin Yorkies at my house.

Yesterday was blissfully uneventful:
- Catchups with friends and family
- wasting $7 at the cineplex (avp:r - bleh)
- dinner with some old friends
- a few hours with an awesome boxer pup

Friday, December 21, 2007

a lament for the live band

they call me greyhound, originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

Oh, Shiva the Destroyer, please grace the quiet hamburg of Norfolk with a truly fantastic musical performance along the lines of

Kayo Dot
Guitar Wolf
Lightning Bolt
Mahi Mahi
Melt Banana
anything Mike Patton
Nouvelle Vague
Depeche Mode
pretty much anybody who's played at Coachella over the past couple years

Your loyal servant,

- k

Thursday, December 20, 2007

beware of Sallie Mae

banana spider, originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

today's lesson - don't ever be 2 days late on your payment. it'll cost you 66 PER CENT of the normal payment.


i'm not a big fan of the south

georgia camper, originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

but, i do love my mom. and she lives in south georgia.

i'm finally in a position to help her out with living and medical expenses. i hope to be a good son, especially now that she's older.

and, i hope to be able to visit her at least once a quarter.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i miss millie

millie on grass, originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

will smith's german shep didn't help this out one bit.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

katie moore

Piggles and Katie, originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

happy birthday, you foul-mouthed pirate

Monday, December 17, 2007

your house vs. my bike...

I don't trust anybody., originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

I hate to lock up my ride outside. I'd be crushed if my bicycle was ever stolen. More heartbroken than when everybody and their mother rode by Pee Wee on Their bikes, all while he's sulking outside the Magic Shoppe because his red beauty just got liberated. So, whenever i get permission during a visit to a friend's, I usually take the bike inside.

And I usually do my best to ride and/or trackstand in every house I gain entry to. I'm kinda like a vampire - no damage gets done until you invite me in.

This weekend, that damage included bruising my left tricep black-n-blue in order to take the brunt of my fall off my friend's nice China cabinet.

Nobody ever said stupidity was expensive.

biking chills ...

I spent the weekend tuning up Rena, the mountain bike, for winter. Thank you, Sheldon Brown, for all the great advice on derailleurs and disc braking systems. The stupid bar ends are now gone, and the sticky rear brake is now fully life-saving. Seat needs to be a tad higher for city riding, though.

Winter maiden voyage was yesterday. In 40 mph gusts of wind - yay! I'm glad to already have the hat, gloves, and scarf-thing. I may have to invest in goggles for Feb/March.

My most immediate need - new tires for city riding. The Maxxis Hookworms aren't practical here (too heavy, too wide for Mr Tuffies), and neither are the WTB Wierwolf's that slow my roll with every revolution (too knobby).
I'd love to upgrade the wheels / drivetrain / brakes / fork / saddle to drop 5-10 lbs off this 29lb beast, but that'll have to wait until other fiduciary responsibilities are satisfied.

Once I can afford to upgrade, I'll have to exercise a little "maximum XT level" self-discipline.

Agnes, ze track bike, is about to get a wheel-true and hub-bearings replacement. She still rolls strong after 5,000 miles.

old 35mm

a favorite diptych from the canon ae-1