Monday, May 5, 2008

Photos & Article Published

Photos & Article Published, originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

Hlee Xiong is editor for 18XEEM, a Hmong Cultural magazine. She asked to use some of my photos from Hmong New Year in her publication. I gladly agreed, and volunteered photos from the Mother's Day 2007 shoot with Geri and her Grandmother, Chau Vue. Hlee asked for information about her Grandmother's long adventure of a life, which Geri was kind enough to offer. I wrote the article during the middle of February. During this time, Chau Vue passed away.

Last Friday, the magazine was waiting in my mailbox. Geri and her family should receive copies soon. I sincerely appreciate the Yang family's kindness and their being so open with this article. And thanks to Hlee Xiong for the opportunity.

The Chau Vue's incredible story can be read here.

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