Monday, December 17, 2007

your house vs. my bike...

I don't trust anybody., originally uploaded by ( kurtz ).

I hate to lock up my ride outside. I'd be crushed if my bicycle was ever stolen. More heartbroken than when everybody and their mother rode by Pee Wee on Their bikes, all while he's sulking outside the Magic Shoppe because his red beauty just got liberated. So, whenever i get permission during a visit to a friend's, I usually take the bike inside.

And I usually do my best to ride and/or trackstand in every house I gain entry to. I'm kinda like a vampire - no damage gets done until you invite me in.

This weekend, that damage included bruising my left tricep black-n-blue in order to take the brunt of my fall off my friend's nice China cabinet.

Nobody ever said stupidity was expensive.

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BuddhaDave said...

Haha, I'm right there with you. I taught myself trackstands in my living room watching Law & Order and my worst fall-overs have been indoors, including scraping a bunch of skin off my shin on the vents of my AC door. Hair still hasn't grown back.

And I've successfully trackstanded (trackstood?) in the elevator up and down the thirteen floors between the lobby and my apartment.