Monday, December 17, 2007

biking chills ...

I spent the weekend tuning up Rena, the mountain bike, for winter. Thank you, Sheldon Brown, for all the great advice on derailleurs and disc braking systems. The stupid bar ends are now gone, and the sticky rear brake is now fully life-saving. Seat needs to be a tad higher for city riding, though.

Winter maiden voyage was yesterday. In 40 mph gusts of wind - yay! I'm glad to already have the hat, gloves, and scarf-thing. I may have to invest in goggles for Feb/March.

My most immediate need - new tires for city riding. The Maxxis Hookworms aren't practical here (too heavy, too wide for Mr Tuffies), and neither are the WTB Wierwolf's that slow my roll with every revolution (too knobby).
I'd love to upgrade the wheels / drivetrain / brakes / fork / saddle to drop 5-10 lbs off this 29lb beast, but that'll have to wait until other fiduciary responsibilities are satisfied.

Once I can afford to upgrade, I'll have to exercise a little "maximum XT level" self-discipline.

Agnes, ze track bike, is about to get a wheel-true and hub-bearings replacement. She still rolls strong after 5,000 miles.

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